Update on the FARM

This wind and cold weather has put a damper on the potato planting.  AND too windy to set out plants–besides…the low for tonight is not good on baby plants trying to get their roots growing in the ground.  The small hoop house continues to hold those babies–cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprout seedlings.  The large hoop house continues to hold the Spring Share greens, but the WIND is winning–It has managed to rip two holes in the greenhouse sheathing.  🙁 

these will be for the Summer Shares.  Still time to sign up, if you haven’t yet. 

We have 55 openings–truck going to Thermopolis, and northward on Fridays.  Hoping to hire a young strapping Ten Sleep guy who will do the Ten Sleep delivery on Thursdays, and provide the energy and back-labor that The Farmer and The Farmer’s Wife sometimes lack.  (The Farmer keeps asking me where his hot tub is–I keep reminding him we don’t have one, yet…have to keep his spirits up–)

Hope to start the Spring Shares next week.  Though the spinach looks green and luscious, the radishes are not ready and the totsoi was late germinating.  We need more than just spinach!  We’ll assess the growth this week-end and let you know if we can start May 7th. Delivery and pick up information to follow– 

We hope to have a surprise goodie for you, too.  (It’s green and tall and grows along our ditch banks…great creamed on toast–)  I chickened out picking it in the cold wind today–at least I know its not going to grow much with the weather this chilly.  Wednesday is supposed to be clear and warmer.  5 good sunny days can make things really grow! 

Stay tuned!  Tell your friends and neighbors about the great produce and the different sizes to fit your needs. Mention to them it is organically grown and picked close to the day you get it.  Tell them you can add a Fruit Share, too!  And when the season is over, you can have potatoes, carrots, onions, and squash with the ADD 4 WEEKS option! 

95 down and 55 to go!  YAY TEAM!!!  

The Farmer’s Wife

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