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Spring in Wyoming is here and reminds us daily with its erratic weather.  We, as Farmers, should be used to this, but still–after years of farming–are caught off-guard.  Maybe because there is nothing consistent from spring to spring except that sometime it will rain enough to shut you down, and that the summer will come–suddenly.  Whatever the reason we are seldom totally prepared–but is anyone in life?   More realistically than the challenges of the spring weather is probably the fact that there is TOO MUCH to do in the Spring with a very short window.  So…What I can definitely tell you is this–

Potatoes have arrived and are ready to be put into the ground.  The potato spot is sandier this year and almost ready–just needs to be bedded up–The Farmer hopes to bury the spuds this week.  (The debate last  night was black plastic or white??  I voted for black to heat the ground quicker, The Farmer was on the side of white to keep the ground cooler in the heat of the summer…)

Broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and cabbages were picked up last week from Enchanted Gardens and are in the small hoophouse hardening off, ready for transplanted this week.  (This puts the broccoli and early cabbage on schedule to be harvested for your first Share!) 

The Farmer, along with the field work on 106 acres of bean ground and 30 acres of new hay, will be starting new broccoli plants in the small hoophouse for later in the season.  The Farmer’s Son helps where he is needed, along with coaching his traveling soccer team of 14 year olds, and making music with Rattlesnake Ridge!  The Farmer’s Wife is trying to get the rest of the planting and harvesting schedules done, work on her insurance accounts, and sell-sell-sell shares.  (Our goal is 70 more!)  The Farmer’s daughter-in-law, who is a social media guru, will be setting up the Lloyd Craft Farms facebook page soon!  Trying to reach more people with our good food!  (Hope you will ‘like’ us–  🙂

AND the last item–The large hoophouse is growing and growing.  Spring Shares for those that signed up should start the first week in May.  The days are warmer and the nights are tempering off in the hoop–I think just perfect for the things we have planted.

Enjoy the spring as it roars in like a lion and gentles to that Lamb that we all love so much!  The Farmer’s Wife–



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  1. Posted by Susan Igleheart on April 23, 2014 at 2:35 am

    Terri, I’m able to work on Wednesday nights.  I’m definitely in.  Let me know if you want me to come after work on Fridays.  I don’t know if they would let me leave early since we are so busy but I will check.

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