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Update on THE FARM–Lloyd Craft Farms

It really is Spring—even though it is snowing today!   Spring storms are not uncommon in the Rocky Mountains—and they are short-lived!

Take this opportunity to get signed up for the Fresh Veggies ready just for you each week in your CSA–send an email to to request an Agreement. Enrollment period ends May 1st, but don’t wait until the last minute! 

Payment not needed to reserve your spot. 

For the Spring Sharers, the Hoophouse was 100 degrees yesterday and the soil was 80 degrees—warm enough to germinate the seeds planted. The Farmer said he saw some spinach coming up! We have the rows covered with Agribon. The lettuces and brassicas growing under the daylight bulbs in the livingroom are now getting their second set of leaves. Plant date in the hoop is April. The broccoli is Blue Wind, a 49 day variety. This week we will plant the Gourmet Baby Leaf Mix for harvest the first week in May. Next week it will be the carrots, Blue kale, and radishes.


The Farmer’s Wife