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A good member who has been with us since day one sent me an email this morning regarding PayPal-  She is not comfortable having a PayPal account.  I understand those concerns–two things to take into account– 

–We prefer PayPal (or we think we do), but you can pay by check, too.  If you are not comfortable using the PayPal link don’t use it.  We take checks.

–You do not have to have a PayPal account, or to set one up to use the link.  The link has an option to use your Debit or Credit card…the same as you do with other on-line purchases.  As small business people we are short on TIME and looking for ways to simplify out book-keeping and bill paying.  So, we are using PayPal’s services.  PayPal is a bank. Their web-site has the same encryption that banks have, so it should be as safe as banking on-line.

Hope this clarifies what our intent is–PayPal or check…and of course cash works as well, too!  (But don’t mail it–)

Thanks for asking those questions–The Farmer’s Wife