It will run until we fill the 2014 Share allotment or May 15th, whichever comes sooner.  We are over half-way there…BUT, don’t wait until the last minute.  Human nature is to procrastinate–but Remember:  He who snoozes, looses.       Wisdom from The Farmer’s Wife  😉

Send your email request for a CSA Agreement to craftterri@rtconnect.netno payment needed until APRIL 15th

Early Bird Discount runs until April 15th–payment in full:  Mini-Share $200, HALF Share $350, FULL Share $600

Visit for more information–

The Farmer’s Wife


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  1. Cathy–Got you for a MINI-Share. Upgrade option is a plus–remember the Aug 15th deadline…also remember the shares are light for 4 weeks as more items in the garden come to fruition! Will send you a email invoice with payment terms. THANKS for year #3–It’ll be as good–or BETTER–than the past. THE FARMER’S WIFE

  2. Posted by Cathy Groshart on March 19, 2014 at 5:51 pm

    Put us in for a mini share this year. We may want to upgrade later if we find that we aren’t getting enough. Blair’s had the delicata squash a few years ago and they had to put them on sale for a buck or two because no one was buying them. We loved them and had them often so this is great news! Duane isn’t too excited about the “baby cabbages” though but I like them. C💜

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