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What was posted is not what I ‘saw’ in the Preview before I ‘published‘…if you are confused, that’s okay…I am, too! Disregard the email last night and the scrambled POST this morning.

We need a head-count of returning members to determine how many New Members we can sign up. The Membership Drive opens up Saturday…tomorrow. I don’t need money to save your spot–Just a ‘Hey, I’m in!’

Do me a favor–just send me an email that says “Hey I’m in!” and we’ll work on updating the current agreement and setting the Down-payment terms later.

If the email last night was not confusing, feel free to fill it in and return it…It will save some time–we have 83 people to contact today. BUT either way I need to hear from you TODAY so I can get a count to move forward.

THANKS– The Farmer’s Wife