If you are one of the 30 lucky people who signed up for the Spring Share, your applications and payment options have been emailed to you.  If, for some reason, you don’t get the email, you can check out www.lloydcraftfarms.com, click on the new page titled Spring Share Sign-up.  You will need to send me an email for the application.

Applications should be returned by March 10th.  

THANKS– The Farmer’s Wife

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  1. Posted by June Booth on February 27, 2014 at 2:13 am

    I have not received the application for the Spring Shares
    June Booth

    • June– I’ll send you another application right now–looks like I had a different email address than what you are showing here. The web page Spring Sign-Up has the exact information and the link to PayPal works perfectly. You can email the completed application back to me and use the PayPal option and have the app done! No mail time, no check to write, no postage stamp to track down. Thanks– The Farmer’s Wife

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