Fruit Share– Pears & Persimmons

This last FRUIT Share had two items that you may not know how exactly to handle–SO HERE’S WHAT I FOUND OUT!

The tender skin of the Anjou pear, formally D’Anjou and pronounced AWN-joo, is a popular winter pear, the tender flesh of this sweet pear is overflowing with juice. (Press gently against the stem end of the fruit to test for ripeness. If it gives slightly, the pear is ready to eat.)

This very sweet variety is excellent for a salad or for fresh eating. Saute with sunchokes and peppercorns to serve alongside pork-chops. For baking or poaching, use before fully ripe to maintain texture. To store, keep at room temperature until ripe. Ripe Anjou pears may be refrigerated, but only for a day or two as chilling can take away their juicy flavor.
(This info from

Fuyu Persimmons – “One of the most festive fall and winter sites as a child was seeing bright orange persimmons on bare persimmon trees. They always looked like Christmas ornaments to me!” Uses: persimmon cookies, or -as our blog suggests- wrap in prosciutto! Just eat them plain!
(This info from Bountiful Baskets–)

SO DO NOT REFIGERATE YOUR PEARS,–Cook them not fully ripened, eat them when ripe. PERSIMMONS can be eaten firm–chop into a salad or eat as a snack. I’d think when soft they would be perfect for baking into cookies or cooking.

The Farmer’s Wife 🙂

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