Winter AND Winter Squash

Hello, my friends…have you missed the fresh garden goods yet, or like us are you coasting into the winter rushing around to get acclimated?

Wanted to update you on a few things…the garden is done, but still some things lingering…

We have Baby Bear Pumpkins, Acorn Squash, Buttercup, Butternut, and Hubbards in at Reese’s & Ray’s IGA. Last Monday we sold all the remaining perfect pumpkins to the IGA–all 5,877 pounds–think about that: 2.9 TONS! That’s nearly a half ton a day leaving that store–more than we could have moved from here, for sure! We still have 20-30 imperfect ones for those that would like to can or freeze some pumpkin for the winter–what we don’t can will be sent to the compost pile. Let me know before Wednesday or Thursday…

Another lingering item is RED BEETS— we are sorting through them…The Farmer dug them Sunday. 50 pounds will go to a member that cans them for friends and family, we will use about 20 pounds, but the rest are for sale in 10# allotments–topped and bagged for $25. They will be available Thursday at a secret location in town–watch the post on the FRUIT SHARE for a time and place on Wednesday or Thursday…

There may still be some BROCCOLI out there…we harvested 55 pounds a week ago and filled the last orders for the Canner’s, but The Farmer casually mentioned he thought there might be some of the slower to mature and side production ready again. If you’d like some of the last broccoli let us know ASAP–we are heading into some freezing nights…and into town Wednesday or Thursday…

Hope you enjoyed the celery and the scabby sweet potatoes (yams to most of us), and you’ve been enjoying the sweet carrots, fresh potatoes, and your onions are storing well in the basement. I took some that had sprouted while in the hoophouse and cut, peeled, and bagged them yesterday and they are waiting in the fridge…I LOVE cooked onions in all my meats and with scrambled eggs–The Farmer likes them raw–YUCK!

If you would like squash recipes go to, click on the recipe tab, and ‘search’ for SQUASH. I’ve pinpointed a few I’d like to try!–give it a whirl–great variety and easy, too.

Happy eating! THE FARMER”S WIFE

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  1. Posted by Leslie basse on October 28, 2013 at 10:31 pm

    I enjoyed my sweet potatoe that was so huge I had to lay it on the counter in order to peel it. I think this could help solve world hunger if all sweet potatoes were that large.
    We ate it for lunch and dinner for 4 days.

    • That is hilarious! Yes some of them were jumbo sized…our first year and we now know we can harvest them earlier. They will be more uniform next year and tougher skinned with less scars and gouges! We cured them for 2 weeks which helps to develop the sweetness. Thanks for sharing your technique!

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