Several of the ADD4Weeks members have contacted me with a question–Do we get another passle of potatoes and carrots next week? I went back and read the ADD4Weeks page and can see where the confusion may have come in–The answer is…no…this is it. We opted to distribute the 40# of potatoes, 15# of carrots, 21 onions, and SQUASHES/Pumpkins all at once. (Half that amount for the HALF ADD4Weekers.) The season is over, and winter is roaring in–So, enjoy them now!

Let’s talk about POTATOES–we sorted our potatoes today and are set to freeze half of them over the next week. Any of them that have skin lesions, or soft ends, can be washed up and trimmed. Cut them into either cubes, fries, or grate for hash browns. You can partially fry them, blanch them in boiling water, or steam them–I’m going to try that method this year. (You have to cook them until tender…if not, they will turn black and be a mess!) After fork tender, spread them on a cookie sheet, and cool them quickly in the fridge…if you blanch them in boiling water or plunge them into cold water to cool them, as we do with corn and broccoli, you have to squeeze out the excess water before you freeze them–that’s why cooking them or steaming them may be the best. Once cold, transfer them to a gallon freezer bag and put them in the freezer. They will keep about two months–

So there it IS! The Farmer’s Wife

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