We are dragging our behinds this time of year–BUT–still excited with what we have to offer from The Farm!

This week’s share will have Mulligan Stew fixings (second time’s a charm–just made mine today and it was FANTASTIC!), potatoes, carrots, tri-color of onions, hot pepper bag, all kinds of winter squash, lettuce heads (cut and bagged–not washed and spun), hopefully some spinach (if time allows), and SWEET POTATOES!   Don’t laugh–this is our first foray into the raising of sweet potatoes–They taste pretty darn good, but they ain’t very pretty!  We were reading through the culture the day after we started to dig them…”one of the biggest mistakes the first time grower makes is letting them grow too long”…YEP, we did that and you will see that we have some MONSTERS–one Yam will feed a family of four! 

 11:00 TO 2:00       bring lots of bags!

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