Season is Winding Down…and so are our CLASSES–

Brenda Green will again be sharing her experience and enthusiasm this Saturday in the Farmer’s Wife’s Kitchen– We have three classes left–

We’re Double Dippin’ again!

This Saturday’s classes will be “Dehydration” and “Meal in a Jar”!
Two great dips into the putting food up, self preservation movement we’ve been involved in this 2013 garden season.

Come learn about drying your foods–Fruits, veggies, meat–“Dehydration”! This is a fun class for sure! Can’t wait to share! Did you know you can dehydrate and entire soup or stew? Let’s talk!

The “Meal in a Jar” class will get you thinking about meals in minutes, how to prep ahead and how to go about it. We all seem to need that once in a while (okay, maybe every day!).

These two classes will be back to back. Attend both and save $5–$20 for one, $35 for two! Class times: 9am for “Dehydration”& 11am for “Meal in a Jar”.

Email, or–space limited, reserve your spot NOW–

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