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OPEN HOUSE–701 Grace

OPEN HOUSE- 701 Grace Avenue….4 – 6 p.m. October 31st, 2013

Hot Cocoa, sampling of Butternut Bisque and Flash-Roasted Veggies on Pasta
All made from garden harvested organic vegetables from The Farm–
Special surprise: Roasted Fennel Bulb

Last Fruit Share Pick up– and a creative bonus for the ADD4 group–

To purchase: Broccoli, Red Beets, Assortment of Winter Squash, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Pumpkins…imperfect and Baby Bear Sweet Pie Pumpkins…and a NEW SURPRISE: Red Onions!

STOP BY…see you there! The Farmer’s Wife


THURSDAY PICK UP is 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. at 701 GRACE AVENUE–Come and get your FRUIT SHARE, pick up some VEGGIES, and take some time…not long…to sample some homemade Winter Squash Bisque and Roasted Vegetables on Pasta. Hot cocoa with marshmallows for those out trapsing the neighborhoods with their costumed tikes– STOP IN!


We have RED BEETS ($2.50/# or $29 for 25#), BROCCOLI ($2.00/#–5# bags), WINTER SQUASH–ACORN, BUTTERCUP, BUTTERNUT, HUBBARD’S ($.65/#)…We also found 8 fresh heads of CAULIFLOWER ($2.25/#) in the garden, and 12 heads of previously picked CAULIFLOWER in the fridge ($2/#), and some small heads of CABBAGE ($.50/#). It all needs a home–our coolers are going down!

Call ahead or email to reserve your veggies–supplies are limited!


The last FRUIT SHARE has been ordered and will arrive in Worland sometime Wednesday.

Stay tuned for more information–Pick Up will be either Wednesday evening or Thursday sometime…we do not have enough cooler space to store shares at the farm, and with the new snow and old mud on the road from the beet trucks being pulled out of the field, I’m looking for an in-town option.

More tomorrow! THANKS– The Farmer’s Wife

BTW–see previous email of some other items that can be ordered for delivery on Wednesday or Thursday: winter squash, pumpkin pie pumpkins, red beets, and broccoli…

Winter AND Winter Squash

Hello, my friends…have you missed the fresh garden goods yet, or like us are you coasting into the winter rushing around to get acclimated?

Wanted to update you on a few things…the garden is done, but still some things lingering…

We have Baby Bear Pumpkins, Acorn Squash, Buttercup, Butternut, and Hubbards in at Reese’s & Ray’s IGA. Last Monday we sold all the remaining perfect pumpkins to the IGA–all 5,877 pounds–think about that: 2.9 TONS! That’s nearly a half ton a day leaving that store–more than we could have moved from here, for sure! We still have 20-30 imperfect ones for those that would like to can or freeze some pumpkin for the winter–what we don’t can will be sent to the compost pile. Let me know before Wednesday or Thursday…

Another lingering item is RED BEETS— we are sorting through them…The Farmer dug them Sunday. 50 pounds will go to a member that cans them for friends and family, we will use about 20 pounds, but the rest are for sale in 10# allotments–topped and bagged for $25. They will be available Thursday at a secret location in town–watch the post on the FRUIT SHARE for a time and place on Wednesday or Thursday…

There may still be some BROCCOLI out there…we harvested 55 pounds a week ago and filled the last orders for the Canner’s, but The Farmer casually mentioned he thought there might be some of the slower to mature and side production ready again. If you’d like some of the last broccoli let us know ASAP–we are heading into some freezing nights…and into town Wednesday or Thursday…

Hope you enjoyed the celery and the scabby sweet potatoes (yams to most of us), and you’ve been enjoying the sweet carrots, fresh potatoes, and your onions are storing well in the basement. I took some that had sprouted while in the hoophouse and cut, peeled, and bagged them yesterday and they are waiting in the fridge…I LOVE cooked onions in all my meats and with scrambled eggs–The Farmer likes them raw–YUCK!

If you would like squash recipes go to, click on the recipe tab, and ‘search’ for SQUASH. I’ve pinpointed a few I’d like to try!–give it a whirl–great variety and easy, too.

Happy eating! THE FARMER”S WIFE


By now you all should have your final share–except for those that were on vacation in Tennesse and Arizona or too far away for us to deliver…We spent Monday making deliveries to assure that everyone had their final allotment.

We hope you all were pleased with the season and though we couldn’t squeeze 16 weeks out this year, we hope the abundance was sufficient–Thank you Lord and thank you GARDEN. It was a hard year with the problems in the spring–rain, rain, flea beetles, instant hot–and the carrots were later than usual and we missed the kohlrabi and bok choi. BUT, we had celery and sweet potatoes…snack peppers and grape tomatoes–what a treat! AND cantaloupe for 6 WEEKS!! Wahoo–! The fall hit us hard and fast and now we struggle to get the yellow beans harvested and the beets dug…but this is a farmer’s life. 🙂

A note on the final share–this was predominantly your onions, root crops, and squashes. Of course, we had fresh turnips, a bag of Mulligan Stew for each member, and the very last of the hot peppers–which were picked after the first rain and before the first freeze. (Use them quickly–)

There was little difference in this share between the MINI and the HALF except for the amount of potatoes. We were short on carrots for the year and so gave everyone a pound and the balance split among the ADD4Weekers. We had one more planting of carrots that are still in the ground, but unlikely to make it now…along with the beets. 🙁 We had hoped to include spinach and lettuce, but the rain yellowed the spinach and there was not enough lettuce to go around.

We felt that even though the year was shorter, we still fulfilled the produce promise–no one was short on veggies for the year! The classes Brenda taught gave you ways to deal with the veggies and use your excess, or plan ahead for the off-season. The Fruit Share rounded out the diet to fresh fruits and veggies for 30 people– The Meat Share gave you an alternative of fresh, organically raised pork, beef, lamb, and chicken…still have lamb and pork left–I think 8 packages…let me know if you are interested: Breakfast pork, Grill pork package, and Lamb…$68 for pork/$85 for lamb…And we rounded out the offerings with farm, fresh eggs–greater supply once I could purchase 36 dozen to supplement Heron’s Girls!

We are done AND we are pleased! Let me know if you are too! THANKS for a great year!–The Farmer’s Wife

PS–We will repeat the Kombucha class in November and have a special speaker coming to tell us about FERMENTATION on the 11th or 12th…watch for more information.

PSS–We have the broccoli for those that ordered it–I’ll be contacting you by email. Picked the last of it on Monday–


Several of the ADD4Weeks members have contacted me with a question–Do we get another passle of potatoes and carrots next week? I went back and read the ADD4Weeks page and can see where the confusion may have come in–The answer is…no…this is it. We opted to distribute the 40# of potatoes, 15# of carrots, 21 onions, and SQUASHES/Pumpkins all at once. (Half that amount for the HALF ADD4Weekers.) The season is over, and winter is roaring in–So, enjoy them now!

Let’s talk about POTATOES–we sorted our potatoes today and are set to freeze half of them over the next week. Any of them that have skin lesions, or soft ends, can be washed up and trimmed. Cut them into either cubes, fries, or grate for hash browns. You can partially fry them, blanch them in boiling water, or steam them–I’m going to try that method this year. (You have to cook them until tender…if not, they will turn black and be a mess!) After fork tender, spread them on a cookie sheet, and cool them quickly in the fridge…if you blanch them in boiling water or plunge them into cold water to cool them, as we do with corn and broccoli, you have to squeeze out the excess water before you freeze them–that’s why cooking them or steaming them may be the best. Once cold, transfer them to a gallon freezer bag and put them in the freezer. They will keep about two months–

So there it IS! The Farmer’s Wife

FUYU Persimmons

The ADD4 Extension for the Fruit Share this week had Fuyu persimmons. states : “They qualify as the leading non-astringent persimmon, allowing for them to be eaten fresh out of hand at various times during maturation vs. other persimmons, which will absolutely require being ripened prior to eating, meaning too fragile for shipping and lowering the commercial value of the fruit within a globally distributed food culture. The Fuyu persimmon is an improved variety that benefits from a trifecta of qualities. It lacks a core, seeds or tannins (it is one of few non-astringent persimmon varieties).”

Wanted to share this info–in the past I thought persimmons had to be almost mushy before you could eat them–but not the FUYU persimmons. It has no core or seeds–so chop it up in a salad or eat it as a snack!

Hope you enjoyed your dates, too!

Learning more about your FRUIT!–The Farmer’s Wife


FRUIT SHARE—One more FRUIT SHARE to go last week in October.

Apples are fresh off the trees–as well as some other fun and interesting items to end the season. I’ll order the fruit the 28th and you can pick it up the 31st. More info on time and exact place later–

**If anyone would like a 40lb. box of apples, below is the price list and what is available (first price is conventional and the second is Organic):

Fuji………………….$31/ organic $69
Gala…………………$28/ organic $54
Golden Delicious…$31/ organic $55
Granny Smith……..$38/ organic $55
Red Delicious……..$28/ organic $50
Red Rome………….$43
Honeycrisp…………Organic $90 (non-organic are waxed $86)

Not sure which apple is best for you? Go to to read on the different apples and what they can be used for—

Send me an email to order—Cut off is Sunday, October 27th. Payment due when you pick it up.

This opportunity is for EVERYONE and not just the Fruit Share people.
Thanks–Your Friendly Fruit Buyer from THE FARM 🙂

Storing Potatoes, Onions, & Carrots

Greetings all you CSA Shareholders–By now most of you have your last share, and the letter of instruction on the potatoes. I wanted to take this BRIEF moment (brevity is not my strong suit) and correct some information on the storage of potatoes. Last week, in talking with The Farmer, I understood him to mean that potatoes liked it 32-36 degrees for storage. He has since corrected me, and so I want to make sure you have the correct information on storing those root items…and squashes…from your last share. (According to info from Cool-bot web-site–the cooler unit in our ‘new’ cooler.)

Potatoes–remove from plastic and dry off, then bag in a porous bag that will breath–I’ve also used brown paper bags in the past. Be sure and remove any blemished potatoes and eat them first. Generally whites are your best keepers. Ideal temperature for long-term storage is 40-50 degrees; they should keep 56-140 days.

Carrots and Onions–Carrots can be stored in plastic bags in the fridge; onions do pretty good in a gunny sack or other porous bag. Yellow and red onions are dried, but if they start to sprout, eat them. White onions are fresh and not dried at all. They will not keep as long and should be in the fridge in a bag. Ideal temp for storing onions is 32 degrees, but not frozen–they should keep 28-180 days.

Winter Squash–Ideal storage temp is 50-55a cool storage room in a basement or garage works. Generally they keep 84-150 days. Specifically, the Hubbards will keep the longest. Acorns will keep about 30-45 days. Butternut and Buttercup and Pumpkins will keep longer than the Acorn Squash, but generally not as long as the Hubbards. We have left all the stems in tact–if one brakes off, you will want to eat it sooner.

Hope this helps–We want you to enjoy your fresh produce into the cold winter months! The Farmer’s Wife


Final PICK UP for the 2013 SEASON is going on RIGHT NOW– 🙂 ….until 2:00 p.m.