Good morning…or so I assume it will be when you read this post!

Today, SATURDAY, is the Pick Up day for the Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday members this week. I think we have things worked out for the Ten Sleep and Basin people, so that they don’t all need to make the trek to the Farm–

As we will be delivering shares to 64 members, things will be a little different:
If you have a Mini-Share, we will have yours as usual and you can transfer the veggies to your bags.
If you have a Half or a Full Share, give us your bags and we will fill them for you. We will have two to three people filling the shares so we hope to keep things moving.

There are still 15 dozen eggs for sale at $3.75/dozen.

We have raspberries for those that ordered them–$27 a flat.

Thanks for being so understanding this week as we sloshed through the mud and rain and poured all of our energy into picking, preparing, and boxing up extras.

The Farmer’s Appreciative Wife

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  1. Is there a particular time that we should show up?

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