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Saturday Pick Up time is 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Sorry about the omission– see you!


We still have watermelons–Saturday special price: $5 for the regular seedless Sweet Slice (12-20# avg size), Seeded Crimsons (also large size), and a new variety of seedless called Sorbet (8# average). Available 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

We still have some cantaloupe, too! $2 each.

You will again get one of each in your share–Enjoy them and buy a couple to share with your neighbors and friends.

Who could imagine cantaloupes and watermelons, vine-ripened, the last week in SEPTEMBER!
The Farmer’s Amazed Wife–


Good morning…or so I assume it will be when you read this post!

Today, SATURDAY, is the Pick Up day for the Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday members this week. I think we have things worked out for the Ten Sleep and Basin people, so that they don’t all need to make the trek to the Farm–

As we will be delivering shares to 64 members, things will be a little different:
If you have a Mini-Share, we will have yours as usual and you can transfer the veggies to your bags.
If you have a Half or a Full Share, give us your bags and we will fill them for you. We will have two to three people filling the shares so we hope to keep things moving.

There are still 15 dozen eggs for sale at $3.75/dozen.

We have raspberries for those that ordered them–$27 a flat.

Thanks for being so understanding this week as we sloshed through the mud and rain and poured all of our energy into picking, preparing, and boxing up extras.

The Farmer’s Appreciative Wife

Is it the END?

WE WILL HAVE A SHARE NEXT WEEK–Still left to deliver are peppers from the plants we were able to pick clean…we hope some of the cold-tolerant crops (broccoli, cauliflower, celery) and the frost tolerant crops (lettuce & spinach), the root crops (carrots & potatoes), onions and winter squash including the fall pumpkins, maybe some more tomatoes that are protected deep in the foliage. We are currently trying to cure the Sweet Potatoes–new venture, new experience.

Depending on the supply–the last Share Pick Up may be the second week in October.

We will begin putting together the ADD4Weeks option for those 21 people who purchased the extension for potatoes, carrots, onions, and winter squash.

The difficulty this time of year is the finger-chilling cold. Stay tuned these next couple of weeks, follow the blog for updated information on Pick Ups.

The Farmer’s Wife