We are one day away from the First Day of Autumn–in many ways this is exciting…on the farm it means another change in the season and the reaction that the garden makes to the cooler nights and shorter days.  As mentioned earlier in the season we will determine which veggies to row cover to stave off the effects of the frost and extend, and which ones to let go.  We will start digging some of the roots veggies in earnest and monitor the squash so to have them out of the field after the first frost but before a freeze.  As we don’t have a reliable crystal ball it will be a lot of guess work and time management.  We are working now (between frantic harvests and deliveries) in preparing places for storage of sweet potatoes, potatoes, squash, and onions.

The corn is done for the season…we are filling canning broccoli orders with big beautiful heads…and it is time to act on the hot peppers The Farmer loves hot peppers and I love to grow them–they are so colorful and fun to pick.  The Jalapenos, Habaneros, Anaheims, and Hungarian Hot Wax are ready to harvest in bulk.  Need some to dry for the winter and crush for seasonings or sauces.  Consider roasting, and peeling, and freezing for Chili Rellonos or casseroles–with gloves, of course.  Want to make up your hot sauce now for a year’s supply?  Order your peppers and tomatoes NOW–canning and paste tomatoes are $42 for 40#, most peppers are $2.75 a pound–we also have the bell peppers for $2.00 a pound, both Islanders (purple to red) and Tom-Tom Green Bells.  SEND ME AN EMAIL and we will fill the orders by Friday–or next Friday, but order now for the end of the season.

We will only cover one of the bell peppers rows when a hint of frost is in the wind…so, get them now.  All peppers are easy to freeze for later use–no blanching required.  Just chop and freeze.  Roasting makes it possible to remove the skin and develops the flavor in the hot peppers.



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