WEEK 7– Share info and What’s Happening

Can you believe it! We are starting the 7th week of the Veggie Share–

This week’s SHARE is broccoli and cauliflower (both bagged), lettuce of some type and radishes to complete your salad, the Yum-Yum Peppers and Grape Tomatoes to snack on, Green Beans and Green Bells, Corn, and some more Heirloom Tomatoes. Eggplant, Kale, and Hot Peppers will be available for those that want them!!

A note on the Heirloom tomatoes–Wow! What flavor! We are learning how to handle them and now that the early ones have been harvested we think they are just going to look better with each picking. Compare the Brandywine to the Celebrity. Celebrity is still your best canner–but flavor and texture doesn’t compare!

WATERMELONS AND CANTALOUPES(including a limited amount of honey dew) will be for sale on Pick Up Day, .60/pound CANTALOUPE, $3.00 each Mini-Bite Seedless, .50/pound for the other watermelons. Honey Dew are .75/pound and will only be here this week. Invite your friends and neighbors!! Sales of melons are open to the public–we’d rather sell here than FARMER’S MARKET…better cooler and set-up–

Fruit Share is here for those that didn’t get it today–also the ADD4Week option which is now called EXTRA. I made a boo-boo and bought too many EXTRA’sneed to sell them to replenish the Fruit Share Money. They are $16 a crate and include a tub of BLUEBERRIES, new crop Washington Ginger Gold APPLES, APPLE PEARS, and 6 beautiful BOSC pears. There are 6 Shares–

Also, Raspberries are in and need to be picked up ASAP. Small, divine, and ripe and ready to GO! $27/flat.

UTAH FRUIT TRUCK will be here Tuesday–we will be busy harvesting and delivering…as well as it is our son and his wife’s last day before they head out to France…and his 24th birthday, too. BUT PEACHES and PEARS and CHERRIES will be ready for pick up WEDNESDAY, 4:30 to 6:30. I will also have 5# boxes of Peaches and Pears for sale to CSA members for $7.00 each.

LAST ITEM–Fort Causeway will be delivering meat this week. I currently have 2 Pork Grill Packs and a Breakfast Pack in my freezer. They will be bringing Lamb Packs ($90/10#) and more of Beef n Pork Pack ($72/12#). I have one of the chickens left–all natural, no hormones or antibiotics, fryer ($17.25). Let me know if you’d like some! This has been excellent and tender stuff–nice to have!

LAST LAST ITEM–I have 32 dozen eggs! Janet Heron will have her farm fresh eggs for the Tuesday/Wednesday people, and we should now have plenty for the Thursday/Friday people. All eggs are $3.75 a dozen–brown, farm fresh, special diet of organic greens, cage free: Joe Ramby from Lovell.


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  1. Sorry I forgot fruit yesterday. Is it ok to come today

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  2. Posted by Mildred on September 3, 2013 at 4:58 am

    Teri will there be a few extra eggplants? Or was that just for the people that bought shares.

    • Millie–we have a surplus of eggplants–if you would like to purchase some with the green beans they are $2.75/#. Let me know how many you would like and I’ll have them ready with the beans. They have been excellent this year–we raise 2 varieties, both are large and black. Terri

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