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MELONS–Last post this Holiday Weekend–

If you had a cooler full of melons, and were half crazy with a lack of sleep, you would be in a panic, too!

Here’s the honest truth…the melons are in the cooler…the cooler is 38 degrees which is optimal for cantaloupe…they will keep 10-14 days at that temp…it is a holiday…we have been going 100 miles per hour getting the garden harvested…it is Labor Day Weekend but we don’t HAVE to labor.

Won’t be on the corner of 10th and Big Horn today–see you all next week 4:30-6:30 for Fruit Pick up, CSA Pick up, AND MELON SALES! For those following this blog that are not members–come, too, and buy at that time.

If you have your heart set on that juicy watermelon for the family picnic don’t go to the store and buy one from TEXAS that came off the vine before it was completely ripe–COME HERE TO THE FARM FOR TODAY AND BUY DIRECTLY OUT OF THE COOLER! (SALE PRICE POSTED EARLIER STILL HOLDS FOR TODAY)

Happy Holiday–The Farmer’s Harried (and half crazy) Wife

MELONS–MORE INFO…Labor Day Special

We will be at Big Horn Federal, Saturday morning, August 31st–Labor Day Weekend SPECIAL. Cantaloupe are marked $2 to $4–comparative is 50 cents a pound instead of 75 cents! Watermelons are the Mini-Bite Seedless– 5-8#’s in size…$3 instead of $5. No limit to the amount you can buy!

Hope you’ll stop and pick up a few for the holidays and your company. They taste good on the mountain or at the lake…and definitely a plus for that family BBQ.