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As I suspected when I posted on the Melons–no Farmer’s Market because of the Labor Day Weekend-

Because melons don’t care what day it is…they just grow, ripen, are squeezed off the vine, and either eaten or not–and then begin their rot cycle…We just might be downtown on a street corner selling the melons in the morning. Look for us! Otherwise–see you next week!

Have a great weekend–HEY! How about some melons for those special people visiting?? Or a couple of cooled melons to float in the creek while you fish?

I know where you can get some– 😉

The Farmer’s Trucking Wife


The MELON SEASON has started at LLOYD CRAFT FARMS!–With a BANG as usual–I’m taking a van load to Billings today and Elizabeth will be selling them Saturday morning at Farmer’s Market, downtown Worland at Pioneer Park. (Assuming it has not been co-opted by Labor Day Weekend–)

Varieties available: Athena and Avatar–both firm-meated oranges with a sweet Cantaloupe taste–Cost is $.75/pound, prices marked on cantaloupe. A limited amount of Honey Dew and Galia (Honey Dew/Cantaloupe Mix) may also be ready.

Watermelons: Mini-Sweet Bites for $3 – $4 depending on size.

All are vine-ripened and organically grown with no artificial fertilizers or chemicals.

Tuesday through Friday, during our regular Pick Up Days 4:30 to 6:30 p.m., Melons can be purchased at The Farm–1049 Washakie Ten.

Tell your friends and neighbors and help to get the word out– THANKS!