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FRUIT LOOPS–update of sorts

Time is a whirling right now with so much to do on The Farm. The Farmer and I are moving as fast as we can being farmers, harvesters, and CSA directors. I am also a Fruit Buyer now– WOW!

So, want to take this time to make a quick post and say I will response in the briefest format I can to your orders for Raspberries or the Utah Fruit Truck. Purpose of the response is to let you know I got it. If you ordered and you do not get an email from me, I may not have gotten your order, or my response has been filtered out in your Junk. Either way, I’m sorry I can’t spend more time with the email–A long winded lady as myself is not used to or comfortable with short concise responses…but time dictates and sleep I must.

So, here is my report:
Raspberries have been ordered with FIVE extras for those slow to respond. ALSO NOTE–If you have a FRUIT SHARE you will be getting one pound of raspberries on Monday. Raspberries can be picked up Monday at THE FARM between 4:30 and 6:30–same time as the Fruit Share members will be rendezvousing.

Thursday night is the deadline for the UTAH TRUCK order–peaches, pears, and tart cherries. I will order a few extras to break into 5# units for those that want to enjoy and don’t need to can…there is some wisdom to that me thinks… The UTAH FRUIT will be delivered sometime between September 3rd and the 5th. Watch for a post to let you know it has arrived!

Payment due upon delivery–Raspberry price includes transportation and handling; UTAH FRUIT does not–

Fruit Share will be ready for pick up on Monday, September 2nd, between 4:30 to 6:30. I think you will love the share this week: Organic New Haven peaches, tropical fruit theme, and the pound of raspberries.

Gotta go to bed–BIG, BIG Harvest day tomorrow…Our Thursday people and preparing for the Friday’s as well. We are so excited to be taking some melons to Montana to sell through Market Day Foods of Bozeman. That excursion will take place Friday–Garden produce and melons up, and Fruit and Eggs on the back-haul! The Farmer will be handling the Pick Up without me 🙁

Hey, I’m not only a Fruit Buyer, but I’m a trucker, too– 🙂

The Farmer’s Silly Wife