Update on the Farm

It is CRAZY here–everything is ripe and ready!

CANNING TOMATOES–We have started picking the tomatoes for the canners. Working on the regulars and will pick the paste next week. Cost is $42 for 40#’s. Orders are filled on a first come basis, starting with the people that ordered in the spring. We should have enough tomatoes to fill other orders.

OLD FASHIONED APPLES–I have 50 pounds left and will have them available in 10# bags for sale at Pick Up Days this week. I’ve dropped the price to $16.50–we need the cooler space for the Fruit Run this weekend! Great applesauce, but I’m impressed with the Apple Crisps I’ve made!

CANTALOUPE AND WATERMELONS ARE READY–as the Thursday/Friday people know, and now the Tuesday members: Cantaloupe and Watermelons are ripe and ready and Man OH Man are they good. Vine-ripened and firm-meated. Each Share Member will get a generous amount, but we will have extras for sale during pick ups starting next week! Cost is 75 cents/lb. for the Cantaloupe and 50 cents/lb. for the Seeded Watermelons, $3-$5 for the Seedless Mini’s, depending on size. If you are interested in selling them for us at Farmer’s Market, give me a hollar!


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  1. Posted by Mildred on August 30, 2013 at 1:31 pm

    when will the canning tomatoes be ready for pick up

  2. Posted by Terrie Yule on August 30, 2013 at 1:44 am

    My mom Cindy will be picking my share up tomorrow for me if that is okay. We will be out of town.


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