PEACHES, PEARS, and Tart CHerries

The TRUCK is coming out of UTAH. They make their trek every year at this time. If we can combine our order to meet their minimum order they will eliminate an additional freight charge.

I’m ordering Peaches (Elegant Lady, Summer Lady, O Henry, or Angelus), Red Bartlett Pears (Jumbo or Large), and Tart Cherries. I’m considering 15 boxes of Peaches, 10 boxes of Pears, and 6 Tart Cherries. I will charge you what it costs me–

Peaches are $28.50 for 32#,
Pears are $27.50 for the Jumbo, and $29.50 for the Large–both weigh 38#,
Tart Cherries are $35 for the Sugared, and $37 for the non-sugared–weigh 30#.

Specify what variety of peaches you want, whether you want Jumbo or Large pears, and sugared or non-sugared cherries. The orchard will attempt to deliver what you ask for but will fill the order based on availability. The fruit has been great in the past–substitutions have not been an issue. This is the only load that will have peaches–The truck usually makes a second trip later in the month.

Send me an email to reserve what you would like!

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  1. I would like one box of Tart Cherries non sugared please.
    Thank you for all you do,
    Sally Craft

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