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PRODUCE for Canning/Freezing

NO TOMATOES YET…SOON–but I have the following items for sale–all organically grown:

HOT PEPPERS: Anaheim Peppers, Jalapeno Peppers, Hungarian Hot Wax Peppers….$2/pound

SWEET PEPPERS: Antohi Peppers, Green Bell Peppers, Purple/Red Peppers…$2/pound

ONIONS: medium sized bulbs….$1/each

BROCCOLI CROWNS–already chopped and triple cleans-ready to blanch and freeze…$25/20 pounds

CABBAGE–6 heads left–cabbage burgers to freeze for the winter, or sauerkraut…$.50/pound

CORN–Ready next week–same bicolor we had last week–$15/Bushel (48 ears)
Vision–yellow sweet SWEET corn we had last year, will be ready in September

Picking up in the Rain

I want to thank everyone who ‘weathered’ the storm! Yesterday morning I was trimming up the kale when it started to mist…then a light rain. This is Wyoming–you don’t expect this sort of thing to persist but at 4:28 p.m. we found ourselves standing in the cooler looking out upon a torrential downpour with its river of mud…and so formulated PLAN B for Pick Ups–

By all means, please, still come! We can’t hold the produce, and each day has its own group of members picking up–

We turned the Pick Up into a drive up delivery. Come in from Washakie Ten as you usually do, but instead of parking as you usually do, just make a big circle and turn around and drive up parallel to the front of our cooler. We will take your bag from you through your window, fill it, and return it. NO MUDDY FEET! And–much quicker than normal–

Until we get some gravel put down, this is PLAN B for rain…or snow…heaven forbid!

Canning Class This Saturday

We are continuing with the canning and preserving classes in The Farmer’s Wife’s Kitchen this Saturday, 9:00 a.m..

This week will be SALSA OLAY! So far we have covered Jellies and Jams, Relishes, and Fermented Drinks.

SALSA, OLAY! will use tomatoes, peppers, & onions from the garden. We’ll talk about combinations of veggies, and the proper way to make them last all winter. Cost is $20 and you will leave with a jar of salsa. email to register:

I have been canning for years–self taught with all the bad habits–and I have to admit I am learning a thing or two… HOPE YOU CAN JOIN US!