News from The Farm

First–Elizabeth will be home from the hospital tomorrow! YAY!!!

Second–I have 5 more packs of the Pork Variety Packs–They can be purchased at Pick Up. $72 for 12 pounds–natural pork/barley sprout finished. Tender with a good flavor!

Third–no eggs this week. 🙁

Fourth–Fruit Shares that weren’t picked up today can be picked up with your regular Veggie Share. I will also have canning apples for saleSummer Reds: great for applesauce, pies, and freezing. 40# box for $68, or 10# for $18. Summer Reds are an Old Fashioned variety–reminds me of my grandmother’s orchard where as a child at 9 I would climb the old apple tree with a good book and cradle myself in the crotch to read and chomp down green apples. What a warm fuzzy!

Fifth–We are offering another canning class this week: Salsas–Olay! The garden is loaded with hot peppers, bell peppers, tomatoes are coming on, and onion is never a problem! Sign up today for the class Saturday, August 24th, 9:00 a.m in The Farmer’s Wife’s Kitchen. email: Limited to 6– Cost is $20 which includes your own salsa. Taught by Brenda Green, Canning Enthusiast Extraordinaire…I think she’s a FANATIC!

Sixth–This week shares will most likely include 1 lb of broccoli, loads of greens & peppers & cucumbers…still eggplant and summer squash. No corn this week–second planting ready soon. I will have several heads of cabbage for sale at $2/head–last of the transplanted crop. Cabbage started from seed will be available in September for sauerkraut makers and cabbage burger freezers.

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  1. Barb–
    These are available to anyone and are outside the Fruit Shares. You can pick them up at our place Thursday between 4:30 and 6:30. If that is too late for you, we harvest every morning Tuesday through Friday and you are welcome to stop out anytime in the morning. thanks–The Farmer’s Wife

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