A MONSTER SHARE–bring an extra bag!

  • Cauliflower–two varieties, both good—LARGE HEADS, MILD FLAVOR
  • Last of the Early Cabbage–coleslaw, cabbage burgers (freeze them up, too), sauerkraut or fermented greens in a PikLit Jar.
  • Broccoli–First picking, best cooked–triple washed, 1# bags
  • Mixed Peppers–3 Hot & 1 Not:  Jalapeno, Anaheim, Hungarian Hot Wax, & Antohi Peppers
  • Sweet Corn–How sweet it is?  Trinity, a bi-color, first of 3 varieties this season
  • European Pickling Cucumbers–to EAT, not pickle–6 small cukes in a bag & Large one’s, too.
  • Romaine Lettuce–Full Head!!  3 Heads in the Full Share, and 2 in the Half.
  • Snap Peas–continuation from last week–

LAST WEEK in the SHARE–Eggplant, Zucchini, and Yellow Squash, Plants still producing and will be on the table as extras for those that want them–

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