“I Relish this Class & Pickles, too!”

FIRST—9:00 a.m. “I Relish this Class & Pickles, too!”
Learn how to make relishes using fresh garden goodies, and the how-to’s for pickles, too. The pickling cukes are ready and eager to be washed and packed into those quart size jars with dill and other condiments– Learn secrets from the Master Canner, Brenda Green. Cost is $20, and you will come away with a jar of your own relish. (Reference material is the Ball Canning Book.)
SECOND—1:00 a.m. “Jams and Jellies—Beyond the Usual”
Repeat of the wonderful class put on August 10th for those that missed it the first time around—or come again! Cost is $20—Free to those that attended last week if they bring a friend. (Cost to the friend is $20.) I’m attending so I can learn how to make the Jalapeno Jelly—I want to include the Antohi peppers, too.

Register ASAP so we can pick our venue, and pick the pickling cucumbers…and relish items…

The Farm has additional Pickling Cucumbers available: ½ Bushel cost $15 and makes 8 quarts. Dill: $3 a bunch—

Email tcraft@rtconnect.net

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