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Your Report From The Farm

Just a quick note–if that is possible from a woman who never is short winded!
First–the Wedding is over and it was a beautiful thing! We now have a new daughter and a GEM she is!
Second–the Garden is exploding…and so will your shares.

*Last week on the Cabbage, second round ready in a month–along with the class on Sauerkraut making. Hope you’ve made your cabbage burgers and coleslaw–recipes on RECIPE PAGE at …#35 & #36.

*More Cucumbers…long and slender Tasty Jade, superior thin-skinned Sultan’s, and this week the new Harmonie–European picklers but good to eat–Peel and all: short and stalky…seem to keep well in the fridge.

*Set to harvest 79 heads of Cauliflower–white, firm, and full–and in many sizes. Is sure to be more tender and mild that the first harvest. Only enough cauliflower for Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday Pick UPS…Friday had some earlier and more will be on the way!

*Broccoli –still in the fridge–toss 20 pounds or pass it out? Only pass it with an understanding that often the first harvest is not the mildest or best (as with the cauliflower). Also, we are organic and some of the littlest bugs seem to know that…we are giving it the cook test: after three washings and a power shower can anything hang on!

*Grape Tomatoes–ripening up–not sure the yield will be enough for everyone to get a share yet, but you can expect it in the NEAR FUTURE…time will tell how near that future is…

*Bag of Mixed Peppers: 3 Hots and 1 Not…Jalapenos, Hungarian Hot Wax, Anaheims, and the sweet European peppers, Antohi. None so hot they will send you to the emergency room. We grilled the Anaheim’s today with some zucchini and summer squash dipped in olive oil and sprinkled with herbs–yum on all counts. Jalapenos–Jalapenos Oven Baked Poppers (recipe will be posted Monday evening).

*Will continue with the Zucchini, Yellow Summer Squash, Eggplant, Peas–other new things are Red Russian Kale and Corn on the Cob!

So that is all–The Winded (and Exhausted) Farmer’s Wife

“I Relish this Class & Pickles, too!”

FIRST—9:00 a.m. “I Relish this Class & Pickles, too!”
Learn how to make relishes using fresh garden goodies, and the how-to’s for pickles, too. The pickling cukes are ready and eager to be washed and packed into those quart size jars with dill and other condiments– Learn secrets from the Master Canner, Brenda Green. Cost is $20, and you will come away with a jar of your own relish. (Reference material is the Ball Canning Book.)
SECOND—1:00 a.m. “Jams and Jellies—Beyond the Usual”
Repeat of the wonderful class put on August 10th for those that missed it the first time around—or come again! Cost is $20—Free to those that attended last week if they bring a friend. (Cost to the friend is $20.) I’m attending so I can learn how to make the Jalapeno Jelly—I want to include the Antohi peppers, too.

Register ASAP so we can pick our venue, and pick the pickling cucumbers…and relish items…

The Farm has additional Pickling Cucumbers available: ½ Bushel cost $15 and makes 8 quarts. Dill: $3 a bunch—