FRIDAY’S Pick up

Hey Friday PEOPLE–Big favor to ask. Our son Jared and Brittany Osbon are getting married on Saturday– 🙂 Friday harvest will go on as well as the PICK UP. The FAVOR? Could everyone try to pick up their shares from 4:30 to 5:30 so we can close down shop and get ready for the rehearsal crew, incoming guests and relatives, and the Saturday wedding??

Much thanks! The Farmer’s Wife

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  1. OMG. What timing!! You poor thing. May be counting your stars it’s not a daughter getting married.

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    • This has been a crazy couple of months…The nice leisurely wedding planned for September 22nd got FAST FORWARDED to August 10th when Jared got a job offer to go to FRANCE for 10 months. So as newly weds they will tie the knot and with passports in hand and a heart for adventure head overseas–Lucky puppies! As to the daughter that was married, it was a JP ‘wedding’ in Chicago and a nice reception 3 months later after she graduated from college! Stir 2 daughters left though…. 🙂

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