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We continue to stock items in Bee Healthy–
This week we have Gourmet Salad Mix–6 tubs of 8 oz. and 9 tubs of 5 oz…$4.20- $4.90
The foot long Tasty Jade Cucumbers for $2.80 each
2 Heads of Cauliflower$1.75 to $3.00
3 large heads of Cabbage$.70/pound (Great for slaw, cabbage burgers, or sauerkraut)
3 Beautiful Eggplant$2.80/pound
Additional items include the Antohi Peppers, Swiss chard, small Zucchini and Yellow Squash

Check it OUT!


This week’s Share:
Your second head of Cabbage
Broccoli…if enough is ready—
Peas…hopeful for more—these are a little ripe…they got away from us! Still great with both ends trimmed, boiled, and lightly buttered.
Yellow Squash-to mix with your Zucchini
And more of the Antohi Peppers (sweet), Cucumbers, & Eggplant

More Salad next week—
Kale—An EXTRA for those that would like it–
HERB-Dill…Farmer’s Choice…The Farmer’s Wife is away for a DAY

Recipes at
#3. Summer Squash Casserole…stove top stuffing, zucchini & yellow, onion, carrot, & cream of chicken soup…Bake 30 minutes-
#30. Eggplant & Goat Cheese Sandwich

Meat Order in—Pick it up with your SHARE-
Individual packages of meat for sale-$6/pound

Farm Fresh Eggs—$2.75/dozen….$2.50 with your own carton
7 dozen Tuesday, and 8 dozen more on Wednesday, and possibly another 6-8 dozen on Thursday. Working on building the supply up to meet the need of the CSA.