You’ve had two shares so far this season—they will get a little bigger as a few more items become available…BUT…if you have a MINI SHARE and it is not quite meeting your needs, you can easily upgrade to a HALF SHARE. Cost would be $150 minus $18.75 for the two weeks already used.

Same applies to an upgrade from a HALF SHARE to a FULL SHARE–$200 minus $25 for the two weeks used.


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  1. Posted by Sue Blakey on August 5, 2013 at 1:44 am

    We’re good for now…. little time (and not much energy) to can anymore. We need a 1930’s-style communal canning bee where we could work together and split the results. I’d donate the jars.

    • Oh for the 1930’s! I, too, would go for a communal canning bee–but like you: little time…and no energy during this season of harvesting and Pick ups four times a week. But the value of the communal was the opportunity for the younger mothers to learn how to put up their reserves from the older matrons. I myself, being raised in So Cal by a mom who had abandoned the canning with her higher education and a move from the mountain states, did not learn to can until I married The Farmer and learned from his mother…then my grandmother and I were able to swap pickle recipes, and I picked up a Red Beet Jelly recipe from my first boss at the insurance agency…But the best teacher was my Farm Journal Cookbook which has fallen out of vogue and fallen to pieces. In the late 80’s it was replaced by The Whole Foods for the Whole Family cookbook put out by LaLeche League. It was not strong on canning but I did learn how to can pinto beans–so simple and a way to put them up without the additives found in the canned refries at the store–Fast for taco salad and easy to refry! Hmmmm…maybe a topic for the Canning Classes…or maybe a recipe for the Recipe Page. I divest–anyone up for a communal canning bee in late August? The Farmer’s Wife

  2. Posted by Cheryle Angelo on August 4, 2013 at 11:12 pm

    our’s is working out great with the mini share thanks

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