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We sorted through the Fruit Share today and once again the strawberries are ready and so are the cherries.  I would recommend picking your share up today if possible.  COME ANYTIME–The Farmer will be in the Garden if you need help.  The SHARES are in the cooler–FULL SHARES on the RIGHT (West Wall), HALF SHARES on the LEFT (East Wall).  If today won’t work, come Sunday from 1:30 to 6:30. 

Sorry for the inconvenience–We are still on the learning curve!  I think if we are going to get ripe fruit, we need to divide and distribute within 24 hours for the best quality.  Also, working on some strategies with the cooler. 

Thanks for your patienceWe have 6 more FRUIT RUNS to go…it can only get better!!  🙂