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Natural Pork, Lamb, & Beef…order by Friday

Orders are due Friday, August 2nd, for the Natural Meats ordered from Ft. Causeway. Cost $72 for 12#’s. Delivery Monday, August 5th, Pick Up 4:30 to 6:30 pm, or can be held in the freezer for Pick Up with your Share. Pay when picking up– This opportunity is not limited to CSA members. Email with your Variety Pack #, name and phone number.

Information on the Meat Variety Packs available is at, Meat Share Tab. We have reserved 22 Packs through the CSA.
Thanks, Farmer’s Wife

PS–Quality of the meat is exceptional–Pork Chops are moist and thick cut. Great grilled– We’ve had individually wrapped meats available for sale on Pick Up day to give you an opportunity to sample the meat before you buy the 12# variety pack. Next order will be later in the month.