Farm Report- 1 week under the belt…

Congratulations! First Pick Up Day of the 2013 SEASON has passed–Gourmet Salad Mix, zucchini, 2 varieties of cucumbers, blue kale & Swiss chard, and yellow smooth skinned Antohi European Frying peppers! The Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday people were ‘awarded’ eggplant; Friday had to ‘settle for’ cauliflower–florets of all shapes and sizes…some not so white and maybe only 4 heads perfectly tight white clusters. We had exactly 18 heads that needed harvesting–the rest to follow later in the season. A blessing as at one time we thought we had lost all the cauliflower to the heat!

My congratulations to the garden for stretching itself to accommodate 85 recipients of all numbers and sizes. A first for me: I witnessed 180 foot of zucchini plants totally harvested! We started the week with ‘boats’ and ended the week with the exact number of small salad size to medium zucchini for the Friday members. We could not have found one more zucchini–each plant had given its all! With the five day rest now for the Eggplant, which also gave what it could, we will resume this week…in lesser numbers for the Half and Full Shares. What to do with Eggplant? Check the RECIPE page for #30. Eggplant & Goat Cheese Sandwich, a good lesson on broiling eggplant, and #43.a new Ratatouille recipe using eggplant, zucchini, and your Antohi peppers.

Shares for this week? More of the same with the addition of cabbage. Peas have set their length and are now filling out. Grape tomatoes are setting on but still green. Lettuces are between stages: Salanova not quite ready, Mini-heads a couple weeks behind the Salanova, Full heads filling out and adding stature. The Gourmet Mix we just harvested will take a week to ten days to regrow for the next harvest. We have Red Russian Kale and Blue Kale for the greens this week. We will also be harvesting the kohlrabi for one of the Pick Up groups.

Last week’s surprise herb was fresh dill–we will have that and a new surprise herb. What to do with these tender little bursts of flavor? Chop them up and add them to whatever you are cooking…dill is great finely chopped and added to a tossed salad or your vinegar cucumbers (half & half water and vinegar with salt and pepper, and at least two of the Tasty Jade cucumbers…the long ones). My very favorite is fresh dill in my potato salad.

You all did great! Tuesday was my eager beavers arriving 15 minutes early. Wednesday was the perfecto delectables- in and out in an hour and 15 minutes! Thursday, the biggest number of Full shares with an equal number of Half Shares, were the stragglers…but it was a sad day with the passing of our friend Kevin Anderson and his funeral that day at the Middle School. (Our prayers for Stephanie, Brittany, and Glenn…the school will have a void to fill in the Math Department. He will be missed by ALL.) Friday was the lightest day with only 15 Pick Ups which gives us time to assess the surplus and get it distributed to Bee Healthy and Nature’s Corner in Thermopolis, and our special friends at the Apple Apartments. We were able to give the cooler the week-end off and will give it a good cleaning Monday before we start filling it up again!

Rest well my friends–see you again starting Tuesday, 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. at The Farm. Bring your egg money and Meat Orders for the Pork Variety Packs from Ft. Causeway. I’m working on more eggs–following a couple of leads!

The Farmer’s Wife!

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