PIE CHERRIES are available from BOJA FARMS–our fruit supplier.  Pie Cherries are a little tart for the Fruit Share, but they make wonderful pies or pastries, or can be frozen now for wine-making in the Fall.  Brenda, our little wine-maker extraordinaire, has advised that you need 3#’s of cherries for wine.  By freezing them they give more juice than crushing them now. How about another wine-making class in the fall–hands-on and in stages??

Cost on the cherries is $4.00 – $5.00/pound, depending on quantity ordered–the more we order as a group, the better the price! They come in 2# bags and 5# boxes.

RED CURRANTS are also available for jellies and jams…and wine, too..3# per gallon. Price not set yet, but should be reasonable.

GOOSEBERRIES for jams and jellies, too. $8.40/pound.

Order Wednesday, July 17th, by 6:00 p.m. for delivery the week of July 23rd. Email me at ASAP–

This is open to Followers, Canners, and Members, alike!  

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