Hello MEMBERS! Sorry I have been so silent on the net…that time of year!

But here is an update–only things left to plant are the celery and three varieties of herbs: fennel, sage, & parsley…and, oh yeah…some more greens.

Hopefully, when The Farmer wakes up from his nap, we will get some more plastic mulch laid and the rest of this week’s melons, and the pumpkins planted. The Farmer planted the Athena’s (cantaloupe) yesterday, and the Butternut, Buttercrisp, and Baby Bear pumpkins for all CSA members…and the Mini-sweet Bite Watermelons.

The 2012 members will recall those little gems!–Seedless watermelons the size of a small soccer ball–crisp and crunchy, sweet and drippy–We only ordered enough for 360 feet row.

The Farmer said, “We need to order some more.”

The Farmer’s Wife said, “Not at $225 for 1000 seeds!” and then she reminded him that there are also 1000 seeds of Sweet Slice which is also a triploid (seedless) variety averaging 16# each. I still think that nothing compares to a Crimson Sweet in taste–even with the seeds.

We have most of the fence up, but there are a few open spaces which need to be re-attached and tagged. This morning 2 female antelope appeared from ‘over the hill’ and later The Farmer discovered one of them has a newborn tucked away in the tire track of the large pivot. We are hoping that tonight they don’t steal into the garden through the gaps and snack on the tomato plants as they did last year…

No sign of the owls…

BTW–got the Harvest Workers we needed for this year…still needing weeding help but not for a couple of weeks yet. Will let you know as the time approaches. Great way to spend a cool Saturday morning…seriously…

Your messenger–The Farmer’s Wife

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