Do you know how wonderful it feels to be tired…really tired…but, oh so happy…at the end of the day right before you flop into bed? That is how I am RIGHT NOW!

Happy to report:  The garden is starting to take shape…65 beds will be filled Thursday after we transplant the plants holding in the small hoop.  The sweet potatoes that were put out the day before the tornado tail whipped through here look like crap–they took a beating for two full days, but…The Farmer dug up one of the puniest and found a new network of hair roots.  We are hopeful that if the puniest has survived, then some of the others will too! 

The Farmer and Son set out 1,500 strawberry plants that arrived in a box on our doorstep from Watsonville, California, a few days ago…you heard right: A BOX–and not a very big one and not a very heavy one either. These are for the Fruit Shares if they make it this year–they are supposed to as they are day neutrals. May have some to sell, too.  MAYBE–

The hoop house got a cleaning today–we pulled the remnants of the expired Spring crops…no more radishes, turnips, peas, or bok choi…a dozen bunches of turnips and four bok choi passed the muster and will appear in the cooler at Bee Healthy tomorrow. Also the LAST of the peas–$5.60 for 3/4 of a pound–great, fresh, snack!

Buy more broccoli– The average bag on the shelf costs $3.50 and you will find no equal in Worland. Best fresh…we harvested all and have about 33 pounds yet…if not sold by next week, I’ll freeze it for the off season. Does not hold well in the fridge…but better than on the counter…LOL…oh my, time to go to bed…I sound like a joke from an elementary school textbook

With this GOOD REPORT I say GOOD NIGHT—The Farmer’s Wife

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