Fresh Produce & Local Co-op

This week at Bee Healthy:
Salad Turnips
(Hakurei-Japanese)….$3.15/bunch of 4
Radishes–Red Rover (larger, so hotter, but not pithy or tough)…$3.50/dozen
Bok Choi– larger, fresh picked 4/30/2013….$1.79/lb.
Lettuce-8 oz. Tub………$5.85
Coming Thursday afternoon:
Lettuce Salad Mix
– 1 gal. bag…….$7.98 (Good Value!)
Over-wintered Spinach, large & crisp, w/recipe for Roasting…$4.20

Need a simple stir fry recipe? Check the Lloyd Craft Farms Recipe Tab–
What else to do with Bok-Choi? Fry it with butter or olive oil, add chucks of sliced roast beef, green onions, and at the last grape tomatoes. Remember–slice all the bok choi, stem and leaves!

Interested in purchasing Certified Organic Produce? Participate in Bee Healthy’s co-op…put down a $25 deposit by TODAY, and pick it up the following Thursday, May 9th at 5:30pm. Prices are discounted from the price in the store by 10%. Good opportunity to buy organic, at a discount. The more people that participate the better the buying power for the co-op. Left over goods go into the store at the retail price the next day. Lloyd Craft Farms Produce is a part of the Co-op, too! Put your money down TODAY!

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