In this day and age of food and nutrition consciousness, and a growing awareness of contamination and chemicals in our foods, why not learn how to preserve your OWN food from produce purchased locally? Our produce is fresh and vibrant, and not laced with chemical additives or pesticides–hand picked at its peak the day you need it.

Brenda Green will be heading up the Canning Program for Lloyd Craft Farms this season. She brings enthusiasm and experience as a fanatical canner herself. Cost will be minimal, location will be convenient, time flexible, options endless.

Program has three legs–Canning Classes (covering pickling, canning, freezing, and fermenting); iCann Program; and Custom Canning.

July Pressure Cooking (*Green Beans)
Pickles and Hot Water Baths (*Cucumbers and Dill)
August Freezing (*Broccoli, Bells, Jalapenos)
Fermented Drinks- Kombucha & Wine
Sept Tomatoes & Their Myriad of Uses (*Tomatoes & Onions)
Stews and Soups- Meals from the Pressure Cooker
October Sauerkraut and Homemade Apple Cider

iCan Program–in-home assistance–YOUR HOME–Brenda will spend an afternoon with you showing you one-on-one HOW-IT-IS-DONE! Cost is by the hour, your produce, your equipment, your time. Know a better way to learn?!

Custom Canning–love the fresh, healthy stuff but no time to can, freeze, or preserve. Hire Brenda to do it. You provide the veggies purchased from Lloyd Craft Farms, she provides the labor and equipment. Pay her a fee and for the jars and lids.

MORE Ways Lloyd Craft Farms and Your CSA are helping you to eat better and know more about your food and how to keep it longer!

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