CANNER”S–Now is the time…

…to place your order. Now is the time to place your order-not binding, but an indication of what you want this year so we have enough.

We are planting extra green beans, tomatoes, pickling cucumbers, broccoli, and cabbage for canners of all sorts–picklers, freezers, fermenters, and ‘kettle cookers’ of both stripes: pressure cooking and hot water bathing.

SEND ME AN EMAIL, or respond to this blog with your name, veggie, and how many pounds you will need for canning this year. Prices not determined yet, but most likely close to last year–market price is set by supply and demand, which is based on cost of production and weather. (I’ve provided a price range)

Green beans (no yellow wax)–sold in 20# allotments (8 quarts canned)…$40-$45
Cucumbers for pickling–sold in 5 gal bucket-roughly 1/2 bushel…$12-$15
Tomatoes, both paste and Celebrity–sold in 40# allotments…$40-$45
Broccoli, roughly 18 heads–GREAT FROZEN (not like store bought AT ALL)…$30-$36
Cabbage, 6-8 heads (sold by the pound)–will be teaching a class on making Sauerkraut…$20-$25

Let me hear from you before you forget or the pressing act of living gets in the way.
Send your email now…Thanks, The Farmer’s Wife, impatiently awaiting Spring…

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