Prices in Bee Healthy

My previous post reported that Lloyd Craft Farms produce was at Bee Healthy

Let me share with you the current prices:
Mini-Bok Choi–2/bag….$4.55
1/2 lb. Salad Mix Baby Leaf Lettuce
…2X cleaned, ready to eat…$5.95
7 oz. tubs of Spinach$5.60

Coming Friday–
Salad TurnipsRemember those Mr. Brown!…your favorite TV snack
currently evaluating supply to set price…stay tuned
Tyee Arrowhead Leaf Spinach–mature and tender–overwintered in the small hoop–
Get it while it lasts, Virginia!

Next Week–
Hopefully new batch of Kale–large leaf heritage variety–open-pollinated

Please think of our healthy greens and salad goodies at Bee Healthy–their hours are 10am to 5:30pm.
When you buy your CSA pre-season crops you support your CSA–Bee Healthy gives you a closer location in the off-season that trudging through the mud to the farm! It is a nice way to say Thank-You to Janene for giving us this opportunity, too.

THANKS Folks– Love you all! Anxiously awaiting the new CSA season–
The Farmer’s Wife

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