Hope everyone is enjoying the SNOW–In APRIL–is that CRAZY!!

Just a quick report on the CSA–ground has been worked, corner posts are in for the new fence that has to be constructed around the expanded garden.  We have plans for 103 beds, most of them 180′ long–that’s 3-1/2 miles of garden a yard wide!  Drip tape, mulch, and row cover is all in place just waiting for a break so we can get some of the cole crops transplanted or direct seeded–broccoli, cabbage, kohlrabi…and cold loving crops–spinach, mache, choi, and lettuces.  We are pushing to try our darnedest to move the first harvest up by two weeks.  It’s us against Mother Nature, and so far I think she is winning!  SNOW in APRIL!!

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