It is FINISHED…nearly

Don’t take that statement too literal–I am referring to the Membership Drive…It is finished…well, nearly. Seems there are always a few stragglers pressing through life trying to keep it together and get their ducks lined out…Yours Truly included!

We are ‘plowing’ forward with 78 Members for Veggie Shares,
25 Members for Fruit Shares,
15 Members who Added 4 Weeks*
*Carry-over of root crops and squash at the end of the season

We are checking into Fresh Farm eggs to be sold on Pick up Day (or pre-ordered) and
have made contact with an Organic Meat company to see what can be done that way, too. Checking again the cost on the Fruit run and logistics. Ordering mulch and floating row crop, more fencing and drip line, and 500 slips of Beauregard Sweet Potatoes. Checking on the herbs to companion plant within the garden, and laying out the plot plan and planting schedule.

Some greens from the hoophouse may be available at Bee Healthy in April–isn’t that exciting!

Canning Program is in its formative stage with calls and contacts forthcoming to those who purchased last year.

We are also making arrangements for 7 CANNING and PRESERVING CLASSES! We will keep you posted to get these added onto your calendars…makes straggling through life more productive!

Yours Truly–Lining out her ducks–The Farmer’s Wife

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