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We also have:

Sweet Corn (non-GMO) – sold by the Bushel     

Red Beets – sold by the pound

Peppers and Onions that can be purchased to complete a recipe


Prices and weights not established yet–but let us know if you are interested…

Thanks– Farmer’s Wife


In this day and age of food and nutrition consciousness, and a growing awareness of contamination and chemicals in our foods, why not learn how to preserve your OWN food from produce purchased locally? Our produce is fresh and vibrant, and not laced with chemical additives or pesticides–hand picked at its peak the day you need it.

Brenda Green will be heading up the Canning Program for Lloyd Craft Farms this season. She brings enthusiasm and experience as a fanatical canner herself. Cost will be minimal, location will be convenient, time flexible, options endless.

Program has three legs–Canning Classes (covering pickling, canning, freezing, and fermenting); iCann Program; and Custom Canning.

July Pressure Cooking (*Green Beans)
Pickles and Hot Water Baths (*Cucumbers and Dill)
August Freezing (*Broccoli, Bells, Jalapenos)
Fermented Drinks- Kombucha & Wine
Sept Tomatoes & Their Myriad of Uses (*Tomatoes & Onions)
Stews and Soups- Meals from the Pressure Cooker
October Sauerkraut and Homemade Apple Cider

iCan Program–in-home assistance–YOUR HOME–Brenda will spend an afternoon with you showing you one-on-one HOW-IT-IS-DONE! Cost is by the hour, your produce, your equipment, your time. Know a better way to learn?!

Custom Canning–love the fresh, healthy stuff but no time to can, freeze, or preserve. Hire Brenda to do it. You provide the veggies purchased from Lloyd Craft Farms, she provides the labor and equipment. Pay her a fee and for the jars and lids.

MORE Ways Lloyd Craft Farms and Your CSA are helping you to eat better and know more about your food and how to keep it longer!

CANNER”S–Now is the time…

…to place your order. Now is the time to place your order-not binding, but an indication of what you want this year so we have enough.

We are planting extra green beans, tomatoes, pickling cucumbers, broccoli, and cabbage for canners of all sorts–picklers, freezers, fermenters, and ‘kettle cookers’ of both stripes: pressure cooking and hot water bathing.

SEND ME AN EMAIL, or respond to this blog with your name, veggie, and how many pounds you will need for canning this year. Prices not determined yet, but most likely close to last year–market price is set by supply and demand, which is based on cost of production and weather. (I’ve provided a price range)

Green beans (no yellow wax)–sold in 20# allotments (8 quarts canned)…$40-$45
Cucumbers for pickling–sold in 5 gal bucket-roughly 1/2 bushel…$12-$15
Tomatoes, both paste and Celebrity–sold in 40# allotments…$40-$45
Broccoli, roughly 18 heads–GREAT FROZEN (not like store bought AT ALL)…$30-$36
Cabbage, 6-8 heads (sold by the pound)–will be teaching a class on making Sauerkraut…$20-$25

Let me hear from you before you forget or the pressing act of living gets in the way.
Send your email now…Thanks, The Farmer’s Wife, impatiently awaiting Spring…

Snapshot of Pre-Season Produce

photo 1 HoopApril 2013

This is the large hoophouse that is providing the Salad Mix, Bok Choi, Radishes, and Spinach.  The far left is 6 varieties of mini-heads of lettuce, and the same variety of Salanova– a new breed of salad greens from Johnny’s Select Seed.  Next to it is radishes and turnips in the foreground, and to the right of that in the foreground is the spinach that has been harvested clean.  To the far right is the second planting of spinach that will be ready as baby leaf in a week to ten days.

All of these goodies are available at Bee Healthy.  Radishes and Salad Mix prices have dropped–WE NEED TO MOVE THEM!  Upcoming is Japanese salad turnips, kale, swiss chard, and over-wintered spinach with thick leaves and a recipe for roasting them in the oven–Should be at Bee Healthy by Tuesday!    Fresh food FOR HEALTH!    The Farmer’s Wife

Prices in Bee Healthy

My previous post reported that Lloyd Craft Farms produce was at Bee Healthy

Let me share with you the current prices:
Mini-Bok Choi–2/bag….$4.55
1/2 lb. Salad Mix Baby Leaf Lettuce
…2X cleaned, ready to eat…$5.95
7 oz. tubs of Spinach$5.60

Coming Friday–
Salad TurnipsRemember those Mr. Brown!…your favorite TV snack
currently evaluating supply to set price…stay tuned
Tyee Arrowhead Leaf Spinach–mature and tender–overwintered in the small hoop–
Get it while it lasts, Virginia!

Next Week–
Hopefully new batch of Kale–large leaf heritage variety–open-pollinated

Please think of our healthy greens and salad goodies at Bee Healthy–their hours are 10am to 5:30pm.
When you buy your CSA pre-season crops you support your CSA–Bee Healthy gives you a closer location in the off-season that trudging through the mud to the farm! It is a nice way to say Thank-You to Janene for giving us this opportunity, too.

THANKS Folks– Love you all! Anxiously awaiting the new CSA season–
The Farmer’s Wife

In Bee Healthy this week–

The new stuff is in the cooler on Big Horn Ave…Bee Healthy–

Baby Leaf Lettuce–8 oz- larger leaf and more flavor, crisp mix of red and green oakleaf, red and green Romaine, Lollo Rossa, and bib.

Spinach–7 oz. tub.  Last of first plot this week, week delay, then second plot ready.  May bring some large leafed spinach later this week that overwintered and tastes dynamic!

Mini-Bok Choi–2 per bag.  Great fried, steamed, or chopped in a salad. Can be added to soups and, of course, stir fry! 

Red Rover Radishes–6 per bunch. Crisp, mild, and great in salads or as a snack.

Enjoy the good stuff until the better stuff gets here! 

Thanks… The Farmer’s Wife


Hope everyone is enjoying the SNOW–In APRIL–is that CRAZY!!

Just a quick report on the CSA–ground has been worked, corner posts are in for the new fence that has to be constructed around the expanded garden.  We have plans for 103 beds, most of them 180′ long–that’s 3-1/2 miles of garden a yard wide!  Drip tape, mulch, and row cover is all in place just waiting for a break so we can get some of the cole crops transplanted or direct seeded–broccoli, cabbage, kohlrabi…and cold loving crops–spinach, mache, choi, and lettuces.  We are pushing to try our darnedest to move the first harvest up by two weeks.  It’s us against Mother Nature, and so far I think she is winning!  SNOW in APRIL!!

I Should Add…

That is…STARTING Wednesday, April 17th…not just that day… 🙂

The Farmer’s Sleepy Wife


Can’t wait for the naturally grown stuff with no chemicals? Anxiously awaiting the start of the garden season? We, too! The Farmer couldn’t keep from scratching the dirt last month–

Fresh produce for sale at Bee Healthy , Wednesday, April 17th. Limited cooler space, but plenty available once we adjust to demand. Abundant greens in the hoop house–The Farmer has been successful with his green thumb…the plants in the hoop house have weathered the freezing temps…and the hoop house has survived the scathing 35 mph gusts with only one tear…wind and zippers and HIGH tunnels–a dangerous combination in the windy Wyoming springs!

Anyway…hand washed
7 oz tub of Baby Leaf Lettuce,
7 oz tub of Spinach,
Duo of mini-Bok Choi,
and the best of the best red Rover Radishes.

All reasonably priced and all in sufficient supply…with a little time to adjust to demand.

Check it out and tell your friends! This is fresh veggies for the people of Worland…or Thermopolis…or Manderson…or Greybull…or Ten Sleep…You get my point–No membership required. Open sale to whomever wants the good stuff!

Remember- Bee Healthy on Big Horn Avenue in Worland on Wednesday, April 17th.

The Farmer’s Wife


Just a reminder: Share payments due for APRIL–mail to 1049 Washakie Ten, Worland, WY 82401

We have closed the 2013 Membership Drive at 82 Members! Phenomenal– !

We currently have 23 Fruit Shares…Not too late to add this to your Veggie Share–
Fruit Full Share $430…..Half Share $240 (3 pay option available)


The Farmer has been somewhat successful in growing greens in the hoophouse this last month–We will have a very limited supply of mini-bok choi, radishes, salad mix, and spinach at Bee Healthy starting Wednesday, April 17th. Check it out!

That’s it for today: payments due, more Fruit Shares available, and BEE HEALTHY!.

THANKS! The Farmer’s Wife … Hoping to keep winter at BAY!!