Why Add 4 Weeks?

Last year we did a Fall/Winter Extension where we attempted to sell what we had harvested before the weather went north, if you know what I mean. IT WAS DOWNRIGHT COLD trying to weigh things outside in the shed–we had the pick up day in our livingroom! And then the cold freezing weather creeped into the heated cooler through the wooden floor and we lost 300# of potatoes, all the large hubbards, and 2 containers of carrots. 🙁

This year the regular share is 16 weeks. The ADD 4 WEEKS option adds Fall items over an additional 4 week period…but if we are cut short, we will deliver the items listed in the agreement ahead of time: 20# carrots, 40# potatoes, 4 winter squash, 10# onions, and 4 pumpkins.

It makes better business sense to sell the extension at the beginning of the season: we can plant exactly what is needed for our membership, and you (as members) can make plans for a cool place to carry your food into the winter. The payment for the extension can be included with your CSA Agreement, or paid prior to July 1st.

Last year we had broccoli until the hard freeze in November, and lettuce in the greenhouse until December. If we have those again, they will be available for an additional price.

All these items can be stored for the winter–some in a cool basement or crawl space. I bag the carrots in 2 gallon zip-locks and keep them in an extra refrigerator in the shed. They will often keep until March! Hubbards will keep in a cool basement throughout the winter. Potatoes are a little trickier–even a cool basement will not prevent them from sprouting. But, November and December, with the holidays, are great potato months: mashed potatoes and gravy! I think potatoes can be blanched, grated, and froze for hash browns in the winter–you may need to soak them in salt water or lemon juice…We’ll experiment with that!

So…now you know why to ADD 4 WEEKS!

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