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I am such a wienie—I hate being sick!

Now the good news…I just spent two days in Thermopolis attending a meeting hosted by the University of Wyoming Ag Department. The focus: CSA’s.

OMG—I found myself in a room with 40 other people, all ages and all walks of life, who shared a common interest: Healthy Food. Of the 40 people there, 3 actually ran CSA’s, the others were master gardeners, meat and egg producers, an orchard owner, and Farmer’s Market managers. The longest running CSA is Shoshone River Farms in Cody. Scott Richards spoke the second day and I soaked it all up!

The result for Lloyd Craft Farms, besides the friendships developed with other CSA operators, was another orchard contact for our Fruit Shares, and markets for our melons!

Now back to bed—I hope this is only a 24 hour bug!