If you were a member in 2012—we still consider you a member! You’ll need to complete a new CSA Agreement–request one by email: tcraft@rtconnect.net

If you were not a member in 2012, but would like to join this year…We have 25 new Shares available–request your CSA Agreement at tcraft@rtconnect.net

WE WILL BE OFFERING A FRUIT SHARE TO INCLUDE EACH WEEK WITH YOUR VEGGIE SHARE. More information will be posted on the website by Friday–

This year’s terms–16 weeks of fresh veggies:

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT–$50 off if paid in full by March 4th–

Add an extra 4 weeks for $75. (Indicate this option on your CSA Agreement, and pay anytime before July 1st.)

We are still developing the Canner’s Share–let me know if that is something you are interested in–more to come.

Refer to the website http://www.lloydcraftfarms.com for information on what to expect in the Shares.

thanks! The Farmer’s wife

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