No…you didn’t miss anything. It was my full intention to run the Membership Drive in November, but then several delays came up and…well…we are still here. We are finishing up the CSA plans of operation. We are still excited about the CSA for 2013. We are still counting you in if you were in, and we are still offering 25 new memberships for 2013. Whew–!

That said…now that I have our Income Tax issue resolved and the last of the input costs, I will be able to finish the Share Cost evaluation. Looks like a slight change in cost ($3/week) and an adjustment in the Share size (one size instead of two–easier to handle with more shares). Nothing major, and everything that we think will make it better!

Right NOW: The Farmer is working on the basement bathroom and painting The Daughter’s bedroom. I am sewing for my grand-daughter and daughters, and working with our 6 year-old grand-daughter on her projects. We will be taking her back to Colorado later this week, celebrating The Farmer’s birthday, and picking up Son #1 at the airport on his return trip from working in New York City. So much has happened in the past couple of months, and the break has been a great reprieve.

Soon, my friends…we will be ready to LAUNCH for 2013! Stay tuned…and thank you for your patience!

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