What to expect at PICK UP Day–

Pick Up is open to CSA members only and is held at The Farm on Thursday’s from 4:00 to 6:00. Those members with a weekly share, pick up each week, and those with a Leap-Frog Share every other week.  Leap-Froggers and Monthly shareholders can come any Thursday and buy from The Store.  

The Store:  The Store was opened in 2016 and sells farm fresh eggs, fruits, greens, herbs, and other specialty items not regularly available in the Shares.  Early Bird Vouchers can be used toward purchase of any item in The Store.

This year we are expanding CSA sales to some of our specialty produce we sell commercially:  Artisan Cherry Tomatoes and Cherry/Grape Tomatoes in the Clamshell, Almost Heirloom Beefy Tomato Mix (5#), Saladette Heirloom Tomato Mix (5#)….Tendersweet Cabbage…Mini-Head Broccoli Bundles (Broccolini, Asian variety) …Bundled Scallions…Fennel bulbs and other 2 oz bags of herbs…French Green Beans (12 oz)… Kale and Swiss Chard, Lettuce heads…5# bags of potatoes and 2-1/2# bags of Fingerlings…Zip Bags of Snack Peppers…and Eggplant. During the melon season, the store sells extra cantaloupe and watermelons and specialty melons like Honey Dew and French Charantais. (As a CSA member you will have a melon in your share each week that they are producing.)


Diamond S Delight:  Kris Robertson from Hyattville is at Pick Up and sells her raw milk products and delivers fresh products to her weekly customers. On occasion she has homemade breads, too! She has some amazing cheeses, cottage cheese, and more.  You can contact her direct through her website.  

Canner’s Share or Fruit Case goods are also picked up at The Farm on Thursdays during the latter part of the garden season.  Those items are handled separate of the CSA.  Sign up “to follow” this blog and you will know about those opportunities, too!  (Check out For the Canner’s Tab)

(updated 3/8/2019)

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