What to expect at PICK UP Day–And THE STORE!

Pick Up is open to CSA members only and is held at The Farm on Thursday’s from 4:00 to 6:00. Those members with a weekly share, pick up each week, and those with a Leap-Frog Share every other week.  Leap-Froggers and Monthly shareholders can come any Thursday and buy from The Store.  

The Store at The Farm:  The Store was opened in 2016 and sells fruits, greens, herbs, and other specialty items not regularly available in the Shares.  The Store takes cash and checks only, no effective means to honor debit cards.  If you would like you can pre-purchase a voucher to avoid carrying cash each week.  Vouchers are issued in units of $20.  

Canner’s Share or Fruit Case goods are also picked up at The Farm on Thursdays during the latter part of the garden season.  Those items are handled separate of the CSA.  Sign up “to follow” this blog and you will know about those opportunities, too!  (Check out For the Canner’s Tab)



(updated 3/11/2020)

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