We suffered a freeze in the cooler last week-end which took most of the potatoes and 90% of the Hubbards. Some of the potatoes were boxed and protected, however, we discovered the boxes on the bottom of the stack were affected but the damage did not manifest itself until later.

For those who picked up potatoes Wednesday, check them for softness and the resultant spoilage. Potatoes can be partially froze and still usable but their storage time is severely impaired.

To check for freezing, other than softness, cut the potato in half. If there is a dark ring around the edge of the potato that is a sign of freezing. Sometimes potatoes can have the ring and they are still usable, but it is a sign to watch the box.

We have replaced several boxes, but have no more potatoes to replace those damaged. Just the same let me know if you have discovered some frozen potatoes and we will make all efforts to make it right some how…

Thanks! The Distressed Farmer’s Wifes–

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