We have 17 members signed for the FALL/WINTER EXTENSION, heretofore called the SEASON EXTENDER. It is not too late for members to still sign up: send me an email simply saying “Count me in!” Members orders are filled first.

We have a ton of potatoes–well maybe not quite a ton…but at least 500#’s!

SO–anyone can order–tell your co-workers, neighbors, friends…it is ‘we eat the spuds’ or ‘the mice eat the spuds’!

There are also 535 heads of fresh lettuce in the hoop house ready for consumption… and 8 crates of Red onions. Acorns and hubbards should last another month–though I see some of the hubbards need homes…we were panicked while plucking them from the field in the freezing wind, and some of the stems are missing and the stem-point is starting to go soft. The hubbards have been wonderful!–easy to cut (for a Hubbard) and easy to cook (falls off the rind). Can be frozen, made into a bisque, or heated in the microwave for that mid-afternoon snack–also good in pies! (use hubbard instead of pumpkin.)

Next week I hope to post information on the 2013 Season…I know…I know…we hardly have caught our breathe from this season. But, in farming, you begin your plans for the Spring in the Fall. We usually have a two week breather between Harvest and Budget time!

Have a great weekend! Hope you’ll visit us next week to pick up your EXTENDER…and look for the owls. They are still hooting in our trees and feasting on our mice! The Farmer’s Wife

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